the Development


Legitimize & Get Social

In order to make it appear that Sit Stay Social was an actual company, we needed to start populating a Facebook page & Instagram account with content as to avoid drawing any suspicion. We asked people to use the hashtag #SitStaySocial on their dog pictures to be featured on our account. In the matter of weeks, we had over 100 followers & dog lovers using the #sitstaysocial hashtag, giving us just what we needed to appear legitimate. 


recruit Insiders & Find our Adoption Partner

To boost the organic reach, we recruited the help of "insiders" who were in on the joke to help start the conversation with negative comments on shares. It was then time to find a pet adoption partner to serve as the final payoff/destination for when joke was revealed. Our partner, ALIVE Recuse, has been a safe haven for pets in since 2008 & was a perfect fit to be the final piece of the Sit Stay Social puzzle. 


Web Design & Lights, Camera, Action

Our next step was to design & launch our company website, where we established the branding, mission statement & language that made even the most materialistic millennial roll their eyes. After the site was up, it was time to do what we do best - create the mission statement video that served as the focal point for the entire campaign. 


The Launch

We launched the targeted Facebook & Instagram advertisements on March 27th to start generating buzz & linking viewers to the site we created at We also scheduled shares from our network of insiders to kickoff the outrage. And rage they did. Over 100 comments on the video came in after 3 days & thankfully most of them were not in favor of the company values. 

On April 2nd, we made the switch to start forwarding any clicks to the custom adoption landing page we created with ALIVE HERE. It gave us an opportunity to let everyone in on the joke & showed them some real pets in the Chicago area who are looking for a home (Instagram accounts sold separately).