Big Teeth has been creating video content for brands and agencies for over 10 years and throughout that time, part of what set us apart was the strategic thinking that went into our productions. We offer a full suite of services to promote and place video content in a way that will get your brand in front of the right audience.


VIDEO ADVERTISING & campaign management

  • Development and launch of ad/PR campaigns built around video content (that you actually want to watch).
  • Full service creative development and script writing to better sell your brand and message.
  • Additional creative assets needed to successfully launch a larger scale campaign - i.e. print materials, spin off edits, additional animation pieces, promotional graphics & imagery, etc...
  • Programmatic buying of premium digital and broadcast ad inventory with real time performance reports. 



  • Creation and launch of creative video campaigns catered specifically towards social media use.
  • Social channel management/consulting relating to proper uploading, sharing, and promoting.
  • Viewer targeted paid ad campaigns or consultation across all social media channels. 
  • Management/consulting of branded video channels using best practices relating to uploading, SEO, tagging, copywriting, thumbnails, links and call to actions. 
  • Youtube paid advertising campaign execution and management.