About the Project: 

We're casting various roles for 1 short segment airing within an episode from the upcoming 49th season of Sesame Street. Looking for a African American or Hispanic family with newborn & young child - (mom, dad, newborn of 2 months & younger, & 1 starring child role ages 6-8 preferably male). 

Must be amateur non-union talent in the Chicago area & be comfortable in front of the camera. Family is needed for 1 full day on Tuesday November 7th 2017 in Highland Park. NOTE: Please do not apply If you've already submitted to any of our past Sesame Street projects, we have your information on file & will reach out to you directly if there's a match for any role. 

The Roles - Full Families are Preferred! 

  • *Starring Role: Child ages 6 - 8 years old of African American or Hispanic descent, preferably a boy. Must be comfortable with speaking on camera.
  • Mother (African American or Hispanic descent) 
  • Father (African American or Hispanic descent) 
  • Newborn of 2 months or younger (African American or Hispanic descent) 

To Submit

  1. Complete the below form
  2. If we think you're a good fit, we'll contact you directly via email for next steps. 


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