Here are a few samples that we think represent our abilities as they relate to the Equivvy project. There's plenty more that we can show if you'd like to see 'em. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy.

Savo "Freedom"

A fully animated example using actual screens from the product in different devices. This uses a stylized pop-ups to highlight key aspects of the product. The client also requested the pink flashes to point to important things on screen.

Savo "Day in the life" Product Video

This was the same client as the above but for a product that hadn't been fully realized yet so the overlays were a way to show the product without realistic screens. This style could work if you like the live-action/motion graphics combination.

Wegrow mobile app animation 

This is a more typical explainer video, albeit for a slightly more "fun" topic allowing for a looser style of storytelling. Regardless there's a technology aspect and we incorporate that into how it works with an easy to understand voice-over that matches the visuals well.

AOA "Heart"

This is another explainer similar to the above but this one employs a more character driven style and story. The animation is more complex and time consuming so something to this scale would be challenging with the timeframe for this project but aspects could be incorporated if it makes sense.