The Behind the Scenes



The world of Instagram famous dogs is strangely bizarre, but at the same time totally amazing, & no one knows more about that world than our assistant editor Julie Schultz. In case you don't run with Julie's pack on Instagram, @tuckerleo_da_huskies have over 10K followers & play our supporting roles in the video. It's no doubt that they were the inspiration & reason behind the Sit Stay Social campaign.


Adoption Partner: ALIVE Rescue Chicago

Producer, Campaign Manager, Web Design: Mike Trivisonno

Director, Writer: Gregg Jaffe

Director of Photography: Gregg Jaffe, Mike Trivisonno

Editor, Animator: Mike Trivisonno

Strategy & PR Consultant: Leyla Arsan

Logo Animation: Jackie Avellar

Fake CEO & Founder: Julie Schultz

Dogs: Tucker, Leo, Winnie, Gordon, Frankie, Louis, Dr. Dennis, Theo, Loonie

Extras: Alva Egan, Alyson Ramsey

Assistant Editor: Alva Egan

Blooper Reel Editor: Alva Egan

Facebook Ad Strategy Consultant: Brett Mittal

Audio Mix: Bryan Ward

PA: Alva Egan




thank you to everyone who voiced their opinion and helped spread the important message of animal rescue.

and If you're in the market for that next social media superstar, alive rescue is just one of the amazing shelters located in the chicago area.