the project


The Museum of Science & Industry Chicago recently opened their newest exhibit, Brick by Brick, a fully interactive Lego installation featuring enormous scale models of famous buildings created by Lego Certified Professional Adam Reed Tucker.

Big Teeth partnered with MSI Chicago to create all of the video media throughout the exhibit. Each focusing on a different theme ranging from famous architectural failures to adventures on the International Space Station. The centerpiece of our portion was a multi-screen introduction video. Our goal was to create an eye-catching piece that grabs the attention of museum visitors, ultimately getting them excited to jump in and get their hands on some building materials.



MSI provided us with a visual style guide along with some really cool mid-century design references, which we used to deliver a style that not only flowed with the rest of the exhibit, but also really played up the playful nature of Legos.

Our aesthetic vision was to create a look that built off MSI’s designs for the exhibit but to bring in the 3D tactile nature and fun associated with Legos themselves. The solution was to incorporate strategic pops of stop-motion Lego video within the two-dimensional world we created. This resulted in a colorful blend of 2 different styles that compliments live action footage & grabs the attention of museum goers.