The Exhibit Media

The crown jewel of the project is the Intro Video which is the first piece of visual media you see, and gives visitors a glimpse into what the exhibit has to offer. Our challenge was to work within a short timeframe to create an immersive experience that used multiple screens with the look of an integrated display without having to create a high number of different actual video files. The end result was 1 main edit playing across 2 large LCD screens and an additional video file to play on 3 smaller LCD screens mounted sideways.

Our day inside the mind of a certified Lego master builder // For one of our secondary videos, our crew traveled to Adam Reed Tucker’s home and captured first hand what a day in the life of a Lego certified professional entails. Like a jam packed library of color, Adam transformed his home into the ultimate Lego building studio and gave us access to his meticulous process to create some of the world’s largest Lego creations.


Our final delivery was 1 introductory video & 5 secondary videos all focusing on different themes to accompany the various sections within the exhibit. The secondary videos consisted of mix of motion graphics, stop motion, sourced footage & live action footage shot on location.

The full list of media:

  • An Introductory video consisting of a custom music score, voice over & side panel animations playing across a total of 5 integrated screens
  • A behind the scenes look of how Adam Reed Tucker builds
  • Highlights and stop motion reenactments of famous architectural failures
  • A step by step process of how to build a skyscraper
  • The history and construction of the International Space Station
  • A comparison of different rollercoaster types and how they’re constructed

Check out more info on the exhibit here, and be sure to see it first hand at MSI Chicago which is scheduled to run through 2017.


Client: The Museum of Science & Industry Chicago

Executive Producer: Elise Jaffe

Creative Director: Gregg Jaffe

Producer: Mike Trivisonno

Producer: Danny McCarthy

Art Director/Animator: Jackie Avellar

Animator/Designer: Chas Fries

Editor: Julie Schultz, Gregg Jaffe, Mike Trivisonno

DP (Original Footage): Brandon Riley, Gregg Jaffe

Stop Motion Animation: Danny McCarthy, Mike Trivisonno, Julie Schultz

Production/Graphic Assistant: Julie Schultz

Voice OverNicole Balick

Original Music CompositionCOPILOT Music + Sound

Sound Mix: Bryan Ward