the Overview


Introducing Sit Stay Social - The first and only (Fake) pet store that exclusively sells dogs who are already famous on social media. Partnering with ALIVE Rescue Chicago, we created the April Fool's campaign to raise awareness on the important topic of animal rescue & adoption by capitalizing on the internet outrage machine. The objective was to stir the social media pot with a fake video to get people talking about animal adoption. The campaign goals:


- Raise awareness for pet adoption & rescue

- Boost web traffic to an adoption agency partner's website

- Maybe even Help to find some rescued pets a much deserved home


The Video



the Metrics

(Based off a 30sec & 60sec edit advertised & placed on Facebook/Instagram running between March 27 2017 - April 5 2017). Below are some of our key target metrics, as well as some additional insights.



Daily traffic increase: 64.2% increase (ALIVE's daily average 163.5 - our outbound daily average 105)

REACTIONS355 total - 243 Likes 23 Love 28 haha 16 wow 7 sad 38 anrgy

SHARES72 shares

VIDEO VIEWS15,708 Total

REACH78,243 people