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Work Life Balance

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Posted by on Nov 8, 2011
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Well, its official, I’m a working mom!

For the past six years I’ve been running our small business as if it was my baby, and in many ways it is. But, I always knew one day I’d be an actual mom. I never pictured myself to be a stay at home mom.

I didn’t have a stay at home mom and she was such a role model for me. I was what you call a “latch key kid” and I never thought there was anything wrong with that. In fact since I’ve always been very career driven and always loved the work I do, I knew that it was going to be necessary for me to go back to work and interact with adults. Gregg will even tell people about my dream of coming home on the L and finding him there to meet me with a stroller!

So, it figures that within days of giving birth I was working, that’s what you do when you own the business. The problem was that I could tell my attention was not always focused on the business at hand. Instead it was focused on making sure my daughter gained weight, stayed clean and didn’t scream too much.

Mom and Carm

I decided to officially come back to work about 6 weeks after Carmen was born but on a somewhat part time basis. I’m never truly “off” but at least I have 2 days a week I can dedicate only to Big Teeth. Other than that I divide my attention and still look to others to keep things moving smoothly. I suppose I have the best of both worlds! I have a baby who will get to know her mom even better than her nanny while still maintaining the ability to do my old job and do it well (at least I think I still do!)

Until I really find myself slacking at one job or the other I’m gonna keep plowing through and trying to love every overwhelming minute of it. And to all our clients or potential clients out there, I hope they’ll see that I’m embracing work life balance but will never let the ball drop when it comes to managing their projects!

Any business owners that became parents experience similar situations? What about those who work for others, do you find it’s easier to separate home and work or is it still that same balance?

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