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VIDEO: One of Your Most Powerful Sales Tools

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Posted by on Apr 15, 2012
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Sales is about getting in front of the right people and explaining to them why they need what you are selling. Face to face is great – but video is a close runner up.

John Jantsch from Duct Tape Marketing joined me recently for a joint webinar called “Why Marketing is the New Selling.” In it, he affirmed what I’ve been witnessing – that video enables people to get to know you without you being in front of each and every one of them.

John said in the webinar, “… if you can get up in front of people for 45 minutes and talk about their pain, and they can see that you are a reasonable person, you know what you’re talking about and you don’t bite … it could be one of the most effective sales tools you can create.”

Exactly, John! And I say this from personal experience. I post at least 10 videos to YouTube each month, and people watch them, they get to know me, and they come to the sales appointment much more ready to buy.

And speaking of video … check out my joint webinar with John Jantsch. It’s jam-packed with useful information for anyone looking to improve their marketing and sales results.

Brad Farris is a small business advisor with Anchor Advisors, Ltd. in Chicago, IL. Since 2001. Anchor Advisors has been helping creative professional firms to grow. Brad is also managing editor of, a business owner community.

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