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Is Louis CK Changing Content Creation for Everyone?

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Posted by on Dec 11, 2011
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Is Louis CK changing the scope of content distribution for good? In what appears to be Earth shattering news (if my twitter stream is to be believed), Louis CK – the often acerbic, always hilarious stand-up comedian slash sitcom star/writer/director/editor released his latest Stand-up show as a $5 download directly from his own website.
It should also be noted that when you purchase this it is yours to own and do what you want with it DRM-free (meaning no icky corporate-driven encryption). This is a big deal in content creation land because it takes the power out of the hands of the normal channels and into the hands of the creator himself.
If Louis is successful with this it can become the case study for other artists looking to sell their wares in exactly the way they want with no interference. This means that musicians, filmmakers, comedians etc. would not have to kowtow to the “suits” who make decisions based on units being shifted and legal disclaimers.

The question now becomes, is this the brave new world of content creation where we show that the record labels and Hollywood studios are no longer needed, or is this the case of an already popular artist being able to do something that up and comers can’t do because (like Louis had to deal with) you need the system to build you up in the first place before you can control your destiny?

What say you? Is this the real deal? Is it good for all creators or just celebrities? Is it the end of DVDs and CDs once and for all?

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