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Do You Need Celebs to Have a Successful Branded Web Series?

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Posted by on Jun 19, 2012
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A lot of web series happening today are actually branded content – incorporating a brand or product into a piece of entertainment for marketing purposes. I know, sounds icky, but really wouldn’t you rather watch something good with a subtle marketing message than be interrupted with commercials? What I wonder though is, will brands only commit to the format with celebrities?

There are a ton of people telling funny, interesting, compelling stories in the web series format and more people watching them via connected TVs, mobile and even on the computer if you can believe it. Yet most of the publicity I see about it is Jason Bateman and Will Arnett creating content for brands.

Those guys are very funny but the content they put out seems to be a lot more “hey look at our famous friends” vs. “let’s create some great videos that no one has done before.” We’ve approached our agency partners to create these series for their clients (and the agencies are interested) but brands seem hesitant to create branded entertainment in Chicago.

Should brands seek out people who are looking to create the next great series or should they stick with what’s known?

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